april 02, 2013 • 12:24 PM • last update 12:25 PM

Cristiano Ronaldo meets young ‘twin’ on road

Cristiano Ronaldo poses for a picture with his 'twin.'
Foto: Daily Mail

It’s difficult if not impossible to find Cristiano Ronaldo’s match on the soccer pitch, but a young fan of CR7’s has matched the famous Portuguese winger in what might be his most cherished attribute – his looks.

Ronaldo was photographed with his doppelganger fan when he stopped along the roadway in Madrid and posed with the youngster.

The unidentified youngster was wearing a Real Madrid jersey, had an earring like CR7, neatly trimmed eyebrows and, of course, a perfectly coifed hairdo (with gel included, apparently) to mimic the star striker.

There was a even an arrogant look that we can only guess he practiced in the mirror.

Ronaldo has received plenty of stick since he famously responded to a question from an interview by saying that some people dislike him because he is "rich, handsome and a great player."