january 27, 2013 • 04:14 PM • last update 05:00 PM

Is Jordan considering a comeback at age 50?

Could Michael Jordan be trading in a suit for an NBA jersey soon?
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When Michael Jordan was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2009, he said in part, "Maybe one day you'll see me play a game at 50. Please do not laugh. You never can tell."

Well, it's three years later, and MJ turns 50 on Feb. 17. He has reportedly been practicing with the team he owns, the Charlotte Bobcats, on various occasions, though he would have to sell his stake in the team in order to get clearance to play in a game.

Antoni Daimiel told Marca, which reported the story, "It's a good time to hope. I'm going to comment on a rumor that is not highly publicized in the U.S., but there are people who have told me ... there are many people who say that Michael Jordan, owner of the Bobcdats, is playing basketball very seriously ... he might play one game at the least."

Daimiel added, "A friend of my friend lives in Miami, he also has heard that information, that Jordan would like to play in at least one game at age 50."