september 20, 2012 • 12:45 PM

Juan Manuel Marquez prepares to change strategy for Pacquiao

Marquez and Pacquiao have both said they will go for the knockout on their fourth and final fight.
Foto: Getty Images

The Mexican boxer Juan Manuel Marquez said that he will make some changes in his strategy this time, in his fourth fight against Manny Pacquiao to make sure he finally gets a victory.

"I will make changes this time, so that the judges give me the victory once and for all, and also look for the knockout more than ever in this fourth fight, I owe it to my fans and all the people of Mexico," said 'Dinamita' 'who is touring to promote his latest battle against the Filipino boxer.

Meanwhile, 'Pacman' reiterated that will leave no doubt of his triumph, after his last match ended in controversy.

"On December 8, the fourth fight will be another war that the audience will enjoy. Don't doubt it, I will go for the knockout" said the boxer Asia.

All the previous meetings between the two fighters, two wins and a draw for Pacquiao, have ended in controversy.