july 26, 2012 • 03:07 PM

Maicon shows Real Madrid love

Maicon wants to reunite with Mourinho at Real Madrid
Foto: Getty Images

Inter Milan defender Maicon is determined to play for Real Madrid.

At least it what it looks like after the Brazilian told Inter that he will not play the earlier rounds of the Europa League, so he cannot be ruled out to play a European competition with another team this season. That means he would be able to play the Champions League with Real Madrid or other club if he gets transferred.

Maicon wants to leave Inter but only if he goes to the Merengues. He already had ruled out lucrative offers from Chelsea and Anzhi, and his sight is only set in Madrid.  However, although Real was highly interested in the 31-year-old in the past, it doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

Maicon was directed by José Mourinho when the Portuguese was in charge of Inter. They have spoken highly of each other in the past, so a reunion would be natural, and it's one of the reasons the Brazil international wants Real Madrid so badly.

Friday is the deadline to include players in UEFA competitions and Inter is not counting with Maicon who already told his club that even if they inscribe him he will refuse to play, a decision that could get him fined by the club.