After missed penalty, Neymar may be hired as NFL kicker

15 Nov 2012
updated at 13h27
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The video of Neymar ’s missed penalty on Wednesday against Colombia has gone viral on the internet as many fans consider the shot as one of the worst ever, being compared with Sergio Ramos ’ miss on Real Madrid’s Champions League semifinal against Bayern Munich last season.

Barcelona defender Dani Alves was apparently brought down inside the area by Colombia’s Pablo Armero who protested vehemently the referee’s decision to award a penalty. Neymar’s shot went so high that you can see the ball disappearing on TV through the upper side of the screen, not the corner or one of the sides like usually happens with any missed penalty.

The 20-year old blamed the pitch as the reason for his horrible shot: "The penalty was horrible but you probably noticed the state the pitch was in, it didn't have any stability, I tried to take it slowly but it didn't work out...these things happen," said Neymar after the match. Excuses?

It’s not the first time the Brazilian star takes a penalty in such a horrible way. During the Recopa Sudamericana first leg match against Universidad de Chile last August, Neymar also kicked the ball very high after slipping due to a pitch in poor condition which was also wet (see video below).

As with this types of incidents, sooner than later, fans will come up with jokes and video montages with Neymar’s worst penalty kick ever.




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