Casillas accepts Mourinho's decision to bench him

23 Dec 2012
updated at 15h28
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Iker Casillas , goalkeeper and captain of Real Madrid, recognized this afternoon at the Palacio de los Deportes that "more or less thorughout the week I could sense" that he was not going to be the starter against Malaga .

The Madrid goalkeeper's benching was the most prominent aspect of the lineup Jose Mourinho sent out against Malaga, which won the match 3-2 .

It was the first time in a decade that Casillas was not in the starting lineup due to a coach's decision , which is how Mourinho justified his decision.

Casillas told La Sexta en el Palacio de los Deportes before the benefit encounter "Partido x la ilusion," admitted that he wasn't "comfortable" with the situation, but "above everything else, Iker or whichever player, is the team."

The Spanish national team captain said the coach is the one who "decides" which players are able to play in each match, and on his decision, affirmed that he has to "accept it" and "keep working," train much more and "intend to recover the confidence that you have to have from your coach."

Casillas, who is "good" and in form, said that on the field there is "a competition amongst everyone," not just between the goalkeepers, and that the most important thing is that the team "won the vital match against Malaga."

He admitted that Mourinho did not tell him anything . "He doesn't have to give an explanation when you have to play and when you don't," Casillas said, and he added that his teammates gave him "all their support," just as with Antonio Adan when he was going to play.




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