David Beckham appears in new H&M advertisement

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Beckham has returned to the fashion world via his H&M line.  Foto: AP
Beckham has returned to the fashion world via his H&M line.
Foto: AP


David Beckham's foray with his underwear seems a long term commitment, and the British soccer star is eager to extend his collaboration with H & M.
The second round of ads featuring Beckham in his underwear  for the store chain will come out on Thursday, coinciding with large statues placed by the retailer in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.
The new products would be available next month. Beckham said he was pleased with the reaction of consumers to their line and advertising campaign.
"I am very happy so far that people seem to like it; the first season was incredibly successful. The challenge is to maintain and establish a brand that will last for many years. That is my ambition," he wrote in an e-mail to The Associated Press .
Beckham, 37, was a champion in the London Olympics just finished, and literally drove the Olympic torch to the stadium in a boat.
"I felt incredibly honored to be part of the team that helped bring the Olympics to my county, my city, my country. I always knew we would have a fantastic event, but even exceeded my wildest expectations," he said.
Beckham expected to play for the British football team in games but was not included.
The formula for his ine of underwear from H & M is based largely on personal preference, says: "Comfortable and adjusted." And not only about the shirts. Apparently he also enjoys relaxing at home. "For me it is important not only underwear and shirts, but all the pieces that I like."
Beckham says he values the contributions of the designers of H & M, especially when it comes to their technical expertise, to bring their products to a point where you see your name printed on them. "Working with a team has always been a key part of my life," he said.
But, he adds, he did not need help to get fit and feel comfortable posing naked for the cameras.
"I did nothing different," he says. "As an athlete, of course I keep in shape. I had to do anything special!"



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