january 23, 2013 • 12:49 PM

Milan, son of Pique and Shakira, is now a Barcelona member

Milan Pique would have received a membership card similar to this one.
Foto: Divulgación

Milan Pique Mebarak, son of Shakira and Barcelona defender Gerard Pique, is now a member of his father's club.

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Fábregas: "Piqué está nervioso como todo padre primerizo"

Former Barcelona official Amador Bernabeu, grandfather to Pique, made the baby a member of the Catalan institution with the number 171,761.

Bernabeu, who is now the club's embassador to UEFA, formalized his great grandson's induction alongside Barcelona vicepresident Jordi Cardone.

Subsequently, the newborn will get the usual gifts given to the new members of the organization.

It was Bernabeu, 25 years ago, who inscribed Pique himself 25 years ago when he was born.

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