august 16, 2012 • 04:34 PM

Pep Guardiola begins his hiatus in New York

Pep Guardiola hopes to gain some anonymity in New York.
Foto: Sport


Pep Guardiola has begun his year off from professional soccer, joining his wife Cristina and three kids in New York. 
The manager made the move right before the new season started, hoping to get ahead of the media frenzy likely to begin as Tito Vilanova embarks on his fist season with Barcelona. Guardiola hopes to use his time off to learn more about the game for an eventual return; he acknowledges he will continue to follow Barcelona, though as a fan not a manager. 
Part of the reason that Guardiola decided to put an ocean between his former team and himself is to study the success of American sports. New York also lends certain anonymity, falling to the background against the “real” celebrities living in the Big Apple. 
There is also more strategy, as New York gives an option to learn English—something that will come in Handy considering the amount of Money Chelsea already offered him this past season to join the team.