Check out the new soccer shoes designed by Messi

21 Feb 2013
updated at 09h31
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German shoe company Adidas will launch new soccer cleats designed by Lionel Messi . The Argentine star used his favorite color, red, to be the predominant shade on the boots that will be available to the public on March 1 st for US$250.

The shoes are basically similar to the Adizero F50s he’s been using this season but with some modifications suited to Messi’s taste.

The design, according to Adidas, is intended to reflect Messi’s philosophy and includes the signature 'Messi' logo that was unveiled last year.

The colour scheme is a mix of red and white – red being Messi’s favourite colour and picked to represent the danger he poses on the pitch, while the clean white frame 'symbolises lightness', with speed-inspired graphics demonstrating his pace.

A single red stud on the sole plate in amongst 10 white studs represents Messi alongside his team-mates and how he sees himself as 'being only as strong as the team around him'.

Messi has been heavily involved in the development of the boot, which has gone through 10 major testing rounds.

The boot combines technologies and precision engineering with every aspect of the design intended to make the wearer as fast as possible. At only 165g, it is one of the lightest available on the market.

The Sprintskin is a 1.5mm thick layer made from DUALMAX synthetic with exclusive leather grain optic that allows the boot to be lightweight whilst maintaining a natural feeling between boot and ball.

Sprintweb is the 3D printed texture on the surface of the boot that allows for exceptional ball control at speed and also provides the supple but stable construction.

The final layer of boot construction is the Sprintframe, a strong but lightweight lower section that is said to offer Messi a perfectly balanced boot.

Just a little month ago, Messi and Adidas launched the Ballon d'Or edition of the Messi Collection as seen below.




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