Cuauhtémoc’s Word

Cuauhtémoc’s Word

How I lived both Mexican soccer finals

Tijuana was crowned the champion of the Mexican tournament. Many made Toluca the favorite because they finished at home, but like I wrote the previous week, I saw Tijuana as a better team all around.

Effectively during the first and second legs, the Xolos were a more compact team, with more teamwork and better structured. They could defend and attack well, with very fast players up front who took advantage of Toluca’s errors to gain the advantage that ultimately gave them the championship.

Tijuana is a worthy champion. All of the players fought and struggled, and it was clear during the entire season that Xolos was superior to the rest of the teams. Well deserved.

Unfortunately, my team Dorados and I lost the championship final in the second division to La Piedad, which caused me great sadness.

It was a very strange match. One of our players, Javier Guemez was sent off just 10 minutes after kickoff and then La Piedad had two players sent off, which greatly influenced the final.

The last goal for the “Reboceros” was very questionable and it bothered us because if you look at the replay, after the goal the linesman did not run to the center, but seemed to hesitate because it looked like he was about to raise the flag and then repented. But those things happen in soccer, I’ve always said the referees are wrong both for and against you, and for that I don’t judge the referee. It could have been a communication error between the central referee and the linesman.

It was a match that was very difficult for us, but Dorados fought and gave its all until the end.

As you know, I had an injury in the second half. I think that the team was affected by this and I think that if I had not been injured, the history would have been different and we would have been champions.

Fortunately, the injury was not serious, it was a strained ligament, nothing more, and now I have to wait to find out how long the rehabilitation will be, and that way I can prepare myself for the upcoming season. Next week, I will tell you how the injury is progressing.

Congratulations to Xolos and La Piedad and remember … Eat fruits and vegetables!

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Cuauhtémoc Blanco Cuauhtémoc Blanco

Cuauhtémoc Blanco

Cuauhtémoc Blanco is one of the best Mexican players in history, playing in three World Cups. Currently playing for Dorados in Mexico, he is a pop culture icon for soccer fans throughout the world.

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