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Cuauhtémoc’s Word

Mexico disappointed, America is a title contender

I’m surprised by the result of the Mexican national team last Wednesday. To be honest, it was a result that I think no one anticipated, and even, as I mentioned last week, everyone looked at Mexico as the clear winner. But that is soccer, sometimes you get surprises like this.

The principal problem of “El Tri” was the failure to create options that could give them a goal, I didn’t see a player who decided to take the lead. There was a lack of partnership in the midfield to create plays that would lead to scoring opportunities. And the few chances they had, unfortunately were missed.

The game of Mexico was very focused on getting to the Jamaican goal through the middle, and they forgot to create play and get to the area from the wings; they did not widen the field to make the islanders’ defense to open spaces and that way they could penetrate it.

Although it was a very respectable decision, it comes to my attention that “Chepo” kept the forwards until the end without looking for options on the bench. I understand that the principal problem was the midfield and that was where he made the changes, but unfortunately, neither “Chicharito” nor Oribe Peralta had a good game, and Aldo de Nigris’ inclusion could have generated more danger in the area of the “Reggae Boyz.”

We also have to give credit to the Jamaican team, which played a very good match, very ordered in the back, controlling the Mexican offense, and even daring to attack on a pair of occasions to create nervousness in the back. This valuable draw at Azteca allows the Caribbean team to dream big.

With the results of the other matches, the qualifier is very tight. Honduras won showing a good playing style against a United States team that continues without showing much under the direction of Klinsmann. Both teams are the next rivals for Mexico, so it is key that the team raises its level. Honduras is a very strong contender at home and the U.S., as you well know, is the traditional rival of Mexico. It is very important to get a positive result on the visit to the “Catrachos” as well as the encounter at Azteca against the North Americans.


Very worthy was the victory by America at Estadio Caliente against Xolos. We must highlight the adaptation of the “Aguilas” to the circumstances of the match. Despite being two men down, they managed to negotiate in a good way the thrusts of Tijuana and even increased the scoring through Paul Aguilar. America was an organized team that made a great display despite the inferiority in the number of players.

The win against one of the best teams in the league, undoubtedly makes America a serious candidate for the title. The match next weekend against Toluca will confirm the momentum of the team, although it should be a complicated match even though the “Diablos Rojos” are not in a good moment.

I’ll see you next Monday and remember … eat fruits and vegetables!

Cuauhtémoc Blanco Cuauhtémoc Blanco

Cuauhtémoc Blanco

Cuauhtémoc Blanco is one of the best Mexican players in history, playing in three World Cups. Currently playing for Dorados in Mexico, he is a pop culture icon for soccer fans throughout the world.

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