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Cuauhtémoc’s Word

The rudeness of the linesman and Chicharito’s situation

I want to start by talking about the situation of “Chicharito” Hernández, who despite showing a good level of play (he scored today in FA Cup vs Reading) continues to remain a substitute at Manchester United after half way into the season. Without a doubt the arrival of Robin van Persie has affected his minutes of play.

I have to highlight that “Chicharito” despite his substitute status, has 14 goals in the season in all competitions, which indicates that he has taken advantage of the little amount of play he’s gotten. However, the level that Rooney and especially van Persie have shown relegates “Chicharo” to the bench. I think that the best option for him is to find another team at the end of the season.

It is an honor for any player to play at Manchester United, but Hernandez can find another great team at the highest level where he can enjoy more minutes and that way demonstrate his full potential.


America drew against Toluca but continues to demonstrate good play. The “Aguilas” did not take advantage of numerous opportunities they created and at the end paid dearly for their waste by allowing the tying goal by the “Choriceros” in the final minute.

The draw was not fair, I think that America deserved more and should have taken advantage of the wear Toluca had after its trip to Argentina for Copa Libertadores.

I want to give my support to Christian Benitez who unfortunately has not been on target in recent matches. Although yesterday he made the assist on Raul Jimenez’ goal, the Ecuadorian had various scoring opportunities that he failed to convert, and you can tell he’s a bit anxious.

Benitez is a great player, and the only advice I can give to him is to be well located in the area, be more calm on the scoring chances, the goals will come. He has already demonstrated in Mexico his great qualities as a goal scorer and soon he will return to that form.

Finally, I want to comment on the incident that occurred in the match against Pachuca where the linesman Alejandro Ayala did not shake my hand at the end of the match after I had extended mine.

I think that Ayala refused to shake hands at the end because I applauded him during the match after he did not call a clear foul that they had committed against me close to the sideline. I did it to express my disagreement with his decision of not making the call on the clear foul against me, and for that I was booked, but those are things in the heat of the moment that stay in the match. However, he appeared to take it to heart and that was why he made his reaction at the end of the match when I wanted to shake hands.

To me, this is an act of rudeness and I respectfully let the referee know that, because I went to shake his hand with good intentions but he maybe he did not see it the same way.

Equally, I think the Federation in Mexico is becoming too strict with the treatment of referees, because the players can’t comment on any decision during the match because we run the risk of being fined. I think they are pressuring the referees to punish any protest from the players, and although I understand there must be discipline, I think they are exaggerating.

Until next week and remember … eat fruits and vegetables.


Cuauhtémoc Blanco Cuauhtémoc Blanco

Cuauhtémoc Blanco

Cuauhtémoc Blanco is one of the best Mexican players in history, playing in three World Cups. Currently playing for Dorados in Mexico, he is a pop culture icon for soccer fans throughout the world.

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