august 17, 2012 • 02:37 PM

Dani Alves: If Mou is the “only one”, Pep is much more

Dani Alves believes Barcelona is prepared to win everything this coming season.
Foto: Getty Images

Dani Alves returned to his outspoken ways in the last press conference before the start of the season, proclaiming that Barcelona is still the best team in the world and that Jose Mourinho has nothing on former Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola.

Alves began with a message to the other clubs, who may think that without Guardiola, Barcelona is no longer the team to follow in international soccer.

“We are sending a message to the rest of the teams: this year we are going for everything,” said the Brazilian back. “ We are steal the team to beat; the best team in the world.”

The Barcelona defender also had a message for Barcelona’s bitter rivals, Real Madrid, and their leaderMourinho, who recently said he needs to start being called “the only one”.

“I don’t play in Madrid because I’m in the best team in the world with Barcelona. If Mourinho is the only one, then Pep is much more. He comes before the only one. This year we are can’t lose anything, we have to compete in everything.”

Alves praised the new additions to the team in Jordi Alba and, possibly, Alex Song to reinforce the team. Alves does not see any competition in Alba, as he has different qualities. He added that all new players are accepted with open arms.

As a final parting shot, the Brazilian made it clear that he has the back of his teammates, no matter who decides to attack them.

“I am here to defend my team and my teammates. The image of the club. This relationship I have with Madrid is because I didn’t want to go play with them. The second I joined the best team in the world the concept they had of me changed.”