Eto'o: "The Cameroonian Federation wants to kill me"

10 Feb 2013
updated at 09h52
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Cameroonian striker Samuel Eto’o has denounced receiving "death threats" coming from his country’s Football Federation, in a two-hour interview whose video has been published on the website of Cameroonian magazine "Je Wande" which will also be broadcast by local TV channels.

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"The leaders of the FCF want to threat on my life, they want to kill me. I now live with a group of bodyguards and one sleeping in front of my door, I don’t do it for not arrogance but for my safety," declared Eto'o.

"To this day I do not wear shirts that the federation gives us, I ask for them directly from Puma; I do not eat with my teammates to avoid being poisoned with the food ," said Russia’s Anzhi striker, who said the leaders of Cameroonian soccer were "incompetent" and "corrupt" and demanded their resignation.

Eto'o, who is currently in South Africa to attend the final of the African Nations Cup, refused to play in the last friendly match for Cameroon, against Tanzania.

The interview was done in 'camfranglais', a vernacular language that, as its name suggests, mixes French, English and Cameroonian expressions used in the poor neighborhoods of the big cities, in which Eto’o grew up.




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