Ezequiel Lavezzi testifies about Mafia ties in Italy

14 Nov 2012
updated at 10h31
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Argentinean PSG striker, Ezequiel Lavezzi, testified for ten minutes at the Naples Court as a witness in a money laundering case , to then return to France, media reported Wednesday.

Lavezzi, a former Napoli player, spoke about a case involving an Italian mafia group which inverted money into a restaurant in the Southern city.

He was specifically questions about a gift of watches he received from a Naples businessman, Marco Iorio , and about a puchase of a boat that belonged to former Napoli player, Fabio Cannavaro. He responded that he did not know if the purchase was done through a Swiss account belonging to Iori.

Lavezzi was also aksed about his relationship with Antonio Lo Russo, the sun of the chief of the Secondigliano clan , Salvatore, currently under arest. The player responded that he did not know the 'fan'.

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