december 13, 2012 • 09:36 PM

Ines Sainz and the best free kick goals of the year

Inés Sainz and the best goals of the week.Click to see the video
Inés Sainz and the best goals of the week.

Inés Sainz invites you to partake of the best goals in world soccer every week and this week she takes a look at some of the best free kick goals over all of 2012

Ines takes you Brazil, Spain, Germany, Portugal and Argentina with an array of free kicks that would make David  Beckham jealous

The renowned internationally journalist and Terra scours world soccer to find only the most spectacular goals to share with Terra views and this week her "Goal Show" is no exception.  

Sainz shows us the top five goals, as she does every week, and provides her unique commentary.

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