Jose Mourinho: I have no interest in talking about Barcelona

18 Aug 2012
updated at 16h09
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Jose Mourinho , Real Madrid manager, had his first press conference of La Liga to talk about various issues affecting the team regarding possible transfers, the preseason, and objectives for the league.

POSSIBLE TRANSFERS: "We are centered on tommorow's match. We are thinking of the match and not about who may come or go."

OBJECTIVES: "The objectives are the same than in the first and second season. Its important to have ambitions. If last season was a season of success, we want to repeat, and if we did not win titles, we have the motivation to do so. Each season is always the same at the start."

SAHIN: "The important thing is for the player to be happy. I am convinced he will stay with us. He had some issues with injuries and then facing a team that was playing well and winning, and people in his position were responding. Real Madrid will not sell him, if he goes it will be on loan. We have it under control. He is a player with a lot of opportunities to leave."

LEVEL OF THE TEAM: "The team has reached an important level. It is the best team in Europe, the champion of hte best league: by points and quality. We reached the semifinals in the Champions League. We are the same group and we know each other well. We are going to have a great level, great ambition and team spirit. We are candidates to win everything we play."

BARCELONA: "I have no interest in talking about Barcelona unles they are our next rival"

PRESEASON: "We had 15 days to prepare for the start of the league, we had nothing more. We have prepared the team and not only physically. We are ready to face Valencia, which has had more time than us. We are not looking for excuses. Luckily the players returned well and we have our whole roster at hand."

CARVALHO AND KAKA "Carvalho is not with the team, Kaka is one more. Ricardo there is no doubts. Carvalho was not born to be a substitute, he is too good and with too much self esteem. We are looking for a club in an important league, because he's not going to play anywhere. We want a good team for him. If he doesn't leave, he'll be with Madrid."

HIS FUTURE: "I will not have a career here like Ferguson. I'm not going ot be here until I'm 79. I have signed for four more years and I plan to keep that. The intention is to continue winning titles and to play with our own style of football."

VALENCIA: "Valencia had a good season, real Madrid has numbers that no one can compare to. They have reached their objective, which is to reach the Champions League."

HIGUAIN OR BENZEMA: "They are the ones that need to know what we think about them. They are two of the best in the world. We love them a lot and we need them a lot, so do the fans. The ambition with each player is to play the most matches and the most minutes. They need to understand its a team, and sometimes a certain player meets the interests of the club better. They play with Real Madrid, which needs two strikers of their quality."




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