Man vs machine: Messi faces robot goalkeeper (VIDEO)

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¡Messi se enfrenta a un robot japonés!
Lionel Messi ’s popularity doesn’t know limits. The Argentine’s latest show business stunt consisted in facing a Japanese robot goalkeeper on a penalty shootout where he had some difficulty to beat the agile goalie.

The competition was set up at Mini Stadi, the small Barcelona stadium across Camp Nou, and aired on a popular TV show in Japan.

The Argentine took two shots and the super fast robot was able to block them, making the best soccer player in the world look bad. Messi was surprised by the speed and ability of his rival but was determined to score. On the third shot he took revenge, and was able to beat the Japanese wonder. A fourth shot saw Messi score again to end the competiton in a draw as he missed twice but also converted two penalties.

The robot works on a goal smaller than usual but it is its fantastic speed which makes it more difficult to score.




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