Mexican Gay Right's Groups Condemn Disciplinary Action for 'Gay Kiss'

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Matias Vuoso and Chucho Benitez of the Mexicanleague celebrated their game winner against Pueblain a 'controversial' manner: with a kiss. Asimulated kiss at that.

The kiss has made the rounds until Sunday withMexico's Football Disciplinary commissionconsidering whether a punishmentis in question.The president of the commission stated that "itcan't be permitted that the public, people, kidsbe given that image; it can't be taken as a goodexample."

Matias Vuoso and Chucho Benitez are not gay,unless they're cheating on their respectivespouses. Their coach stated that if anydisciplinary action comes along, the team will bethe one responsible not the commission.

With all of these leaders fighting over who getsto punish gay actions and hold up the moralcompass of Mexico, gay rights groups are speakingup in Mexico to defend the action.

"El Trigay", a football group composed of gays,bisexuals, said that these reccomendations fordiscipline are an example of discrimination andwould help promote intolerance.

Considering the amount of violence that usuallykeeps parents from taking their parents to soccergames in most countries, a kiss likelyindiscernible from the distance in which the crowdstands hardly seems like a great offense.

Debora Rubi

Terra/Debora Rubi