august 01, 2012 • 04:44 AM

Altamira coach: First Div. teams in for surprise in Copa MX

Sergio Egea says first division teams beware.
Foto: Mexsport

Sergio Egea, coach of Altamira in Mexico’s second division, had choice words for Atlas and the rest of the Mexican first division teams that are participating in the Copa MX after his team knocked out the top-level outfit.

“The only difference is the speed of the ball. We take the cup seriously, we want Altamira to make a good showing,” Egea said.

‘Altamira tied Atlas 1-1 on the return leg after winning 3-2 at home and, as a result, won the tie.

“You have to play the games, and if the teams from the first division don’t take the Copa serious, they’re in for a big surprise. The second division has improved a great deal and there is much more parody,” Egea said at the end of the game.

Altamira is one of several teams in lower divisions to challenge the top-tier teams of the Mexican first division and Egea expects the trend to continue.

“The team is working well and we will continue to push on both fronts,” he said.