America's Benítez traumatized for missing penalties

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 Foto: Getty Images

Christian Benítez has declared he is traumatized with the constant failing of penalty kicks.

The Ecuadorian striker shot very high a penalty at the 96th minute last Saturday, which would have meant the tying goal for America. When the penalty was called by the referee, Rubens Sambueza was the designated player to take the penalty per coach Miguel Herrera’s instruction, but Benítez asked for the ball.

“Yes, it has traumatized me, but I am calm, is just not the moment to take a penalty. If we are winning by three or four goals maybe I have the chance to take it, but if it is a decisive penalty, it wouldn’t be the right time. I better focus on something else, to score goals in a different way,” said the Ecuador international.

“When you score, you are the best and when you fail, you’re criticized, the fans have that right. It was all a misunderstanding. There was no indiscipline. I am committed to do things well, give everything on the pitch, for me and for the team,” Benítez added.

‘Chucho’ also referred to his celebration every time he scores, which has caused him to get yellow cards when he takes his jersey off or celebrates in excess. He accepted he will change the way he celebrates so he doesn’t fall in risk of being sent off.

 ‘The club has its rules and many people don’t like that a player lifts his jersey every time. I told (America president) Peláez he was right. I hope to score and not take my jersey off,” said the Ecuadorian.




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