august 11, 2012 • 06:05 AM

Atlante gets first win as Jaguares continues to fall

Esteban Paredes celebrates after scoring for Atlante in the Apertura 2012 match against Jaguares.
Foto: Mexsport

A brace from  Chilean Esteban Paredes meant the victory on the road Friday for Atlante 2-1 over Jaguares.

Atlante reached five units to reach tenth place in the Apertura 2012.

Paredes scored his first goal after 57 minutes of the match played at the stadium Victor Manuel Reyna de Chiapas, finishing after a great pass from Cristian Madiana.

The home team equalized after 76 minutes when the Colombian Luis Gabriel Rey deflected a shot from Uruguayan Marcelo Rodriguez to leave no opportunity for the goalkeeper to react.

striker finished off in the area on a long pass by Paraguayan Osvaldo Martinez to give Atlante the definitive lead.

With this result, Jaguars scored their fourth defeat that keeps him in last place overall.

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