july 20, 2012 • 02:41 PM

Chivas announces new signing with grand show: its fans

Chiva fans will surely be dissapointed by the announcement.
Foto: Mexsport

When Chivas announced it would unveil its biggest offseason signing today fans and journalists awaited anxiously for the announcement. The team announced its most “flaming reinforcement”….its fans.

The show was actually quite moving with Marcelo Michel Lenao, athletic coordinator, team manager John Vant Ship, and Captain Hector Reynoso present they brought out a family of fans and presented them with a jersey. Two families were presented with a jersey with the number “12”.

The announcement goes along with their new marketing campaign, “The Chiva fans, our greatest reinforcement.” The objective is to conquer the fan base that has been lacking in support, especially at the stadium in past seasons.

Leano went on to encourage fans to “fill the Omnilife every match”, hoping the change in schedule to Sundays at 5 will encourage more families to watch the team. .