Doctors say Calero did not suffer a stroke

26 Nov 2012
updated on 27/11/2012 at 11h14
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Photo: Mexsport
At a press conference at the hospital where ex-Pachuca goalkeeper Miguel Calero was was admitted for a thrombosis , doctors said the Colombian is stable again after they opened the carotid artery and prevented it from closing .
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It took until 5 p.m. Monday to finalize the procedure , and there were two brain scans made so the doctors could see the cerebral activity, and they confirmed that Calero did not suffer a stroke .
That means, according to doctors, that tissue surrounding the artery is functioning properly .
The doctors added that Calero has everything in his favor, thanks to his good physical condition and good muscular tone.
Calero will be fed by tubes for hours after sedation, if improvement is detected .
Rumors circulated that Calero had stopped taking his medicines to prevent clots , which was flatly denied by the doctors who treated him.
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