Leon remains unbeatable at home, defeats Santos 3-0

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Sebastián Maz festeja la segunda anotación en la goleada de León 3-0 a Santos. Foto: Mexsport
Sebastián Maz festeja la segunda anotación en la goleada de León 3-0 a Santos.
Foto: Mexsport

Leon returned to the road to victory convincingly against the defending champion: Santos Laguna, winning 3-0 Friday night in the Nou Camp Stadium.

Defender Juan Ignacio Gonzalez opened the scoring in the 35th minute,, while the Uruguayan Sebastian Nelson Maz in 75 'scored the second as Carlos Alberto "Gullit" Peña closed the match in the 85th minute.

With this third victory in the campaign, the newly promoted team totals nine points and has a scoring difference of (8) to momentarily be placed on top of the standings. Meanwhile, the Warriors lost for the first time in the championship and haveseven units to fall to fourth.

Leon did not cease in their attempts and at the 35th minute, a great play by central defender Juan Ignacio Gonzalez, who took over in a corner scored for the local team, and the Stadium erupted.

After reshuffling of pieces in the dressing room, Benjamin Galindo albiverdes sent all forward for the draw at the beginning of the second halfLuduena Hernandez demanded a shot that threatened to go to the networks, but the keeper cleared it in the 50th minute.

The Colombian Carlos Darwin Quintero and Gomez sought Herculez' speed on the attack, but Leon pulled back behind their attacks.

Leon then began to move the ball around the ground to stun the Santistas, that they could not get them off, until the 75 'fell 2-0 to better show the dominance that had been given on the court. The Uruguayan Sebastian Nelson Maz received a through ball and shot left-footed to the back of the net.

Five minutes from the final whistle came the third, the work of Carlos Alberto "Gullit" Peña, in a shot with his head inside the box.


Leon. - Meliton Edgar Hernández, Juan Carlos Rojas, Juan Ignacio Gonzalez, Jonny Magallon, Edwin Hernandez, Luis Montes (Edwin Santibanez, 88 '), Jose Juan Vazquez, Carlos Pena, Hernán Burbano (Edgar Pacheco, 83'), Othoniel Arce (Eisner Loboa, 54 ') and Nelson Sebastian Maz. Coach Gustavo Matosas (URU).

Santos Laguna. - Oswaldo Sanchez, Ivan Estrada, Felipe Baloy, Aaron Galindo, Osmar Mares (Cesar Ibañez, 68 '), Marc Crosas, Rodolfo Salinas, Daniel Luduena (Gerardo Lugo, 66'), Christian Suarez, Darwin Quintero and Gomez Herculez (Candido Ramirez, 55 '). Coach: Benjamin Galindo.




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