august 02, 2012 • 08:18 PM

Pablo Barrera: Cruz Azul are favorites against Chivas

Pablo Barrera was one of the latest acquisitions of the Mexican team.
Foto: Mexsport
Cruz Azul midfielder Pablo Barrera did not doubt in confirming Cruz Azul as favorites against Chivas when they meet this coming Saturday in one of the top matches of the day. 
Despite respecting all rivals and not seeing the Chivas match as more important, he said that they need to keep their motivation high to win away from home against Chivas. 
"They have the need to get points and we need to be smart, we know they go forward with a lot of people, they leave a lot of open space in the back and we need to take advantage. Of course we are favorites, but we need to show it on the field." 
He said the focus is to get the three poitn sand show the same sort of game that got them wins against San Luis and Morelia.