july 31, 2012 • 08:46 PM

Patricio Araujo admits Chivas is desperate for a win

Patricio Araujo believe the team has deserved to win.
Foto: Mexsport
After two defeats at the start of the Apertura 2012 for Guadalajara, going out to the win on Saturday in a visitto the nation's capital to face Cruz Azul is imperative, admitted the midfielder Patricio Araujo.
"We want things to come around in the game against Cruz Azul and for that we need to make corrections if necessary. Victory is now urgent for the team has played well, "he said.
He said that, beyond the "Maquina" having promising start, within "Chivas" they are focusing more on strengthening the positive aspects to aspire to the three points.
"Chivas is going to do their work, what do we care about is what we will do ourselves and win this game, which is most important now for the group," said .
Finally, from the perspective of the U-17 world champion, his team hould have come out with better reuslts againstToluca and Santos Laguna.
"From what the team has done on the field, I think the team has won more, but this has to improve eventually, because we worked well the game system set up by John (Van't Schip, technical) from the beginning "he said.