september 19, 2012 • 10:48 AM

Pep Guardiola to attend event in Mexico on September 21

The former Barcelona manager will talk about how he found success with the team.
Foto: Getty Images

Josep Guardiola, former Barcelona manager, will visit Mexico, where he will give a speech to scholars of the Siglo XXI Fundacion Telmex, an event that hopes to give motivational talks in the National Auditorium on September 21.

Guardiola's participation will last one hour, in a press conference where he will speak about his experience with Barcelona and how he managed to lead the team succesfuly on the team, winning 14 of the 19 titles he disputed with the team.

The event is organized by the Telmex Foundation and will also  include famous politicians like Lula Da Silva, former British prime minister Tony Blair to talk about their experiences with the students.

For now, it has not been announced if Pep will give a press conference, or interact with the students, after he is done speaking.

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