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august 16, 2012 • 05:16 PM

Moises Munoz close to returning with America

The goalkeeper has been cleared to do specific exercises.
Foto: Mexsport


The goalkeeper Moises Munoz has received a medical discharge to return to training with America, but obviously his training will be differentiated so as to not jeapordize the healing of his left hand. 
The head of the medical services of the Agilas, Jorge Romo discharge Munoz on Wednesday to train strategically after a car accident he suffered a before starting the preseason.
"I was discharged by the physician to perform specific jobs these days and fully use the injured hand next week fully," said coach Miguel Herrera.
Logically Munoz is ruled out for this weekend's meeting  Queretaro in the fifth round of the Liga MX Apertura 2012. 
In his place in goal will be Hugo Gonzalez, who the coach said "has all my confidence." 
Moreover, on behalf of the club said the trouble with the Colombian Football Federation for taking Aquivaldo Mosqueda during the FIFA date despite their not being a friendly.
"I think FIFA should regulate this, because if they could not get a match then they will not take the player. We are very upset because it will come with excessive fatigue of a journey, not a game," he said.