august 07, 2012 • 05:16 AM

Toluca hopes to transfer league results to the Copa MX

Edgar Duenas fights for the ball in the match against Leon.
Foto: Mexsport

Accumulating three wins at the start of the Apertura 2012 is something that has satisfied the Toluca defender Edgar Duenas, who wants to transfer these results to the MX Cup Tournament, where they have a two-game losing streak.

"We are pleased we have been successful in the league, it is important to the team, along with the coaching staff and players who are working to get the job  done."
Dueñas said that for the moment they need to leave aside the league to focus on the duel this Wednesday against Irapuato, in the first leg of the Copa. 
"Now we have to make a good game in Irapuato, since there (in the Tournament Cup) things have not been as we wanted, but now is the opportunity to turn it around to get into the top."
Although the squad led by Enrique Meza has only one point in Group 7, where 'Freza Trinca' has the lead with seven points, the defender is confident they can recover from this bad start.
"The distance is short, we can add and approach again, we look back from there with good results, which are both teams playing well, defend well and have a major strength," he said.
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