Pique: 'If we had won the Champions, perhaps Pep would stay'

The Barcelona and Spanish national team defender opened up in an exclusive interview with Terra.

21 Mar 2013
updated at 07h37
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While training with the naitonal team, Gerard Pique has taken these days to recover some sleep. The new father recognizes that he feels he is in the "best moments" of his life, both professionally and personally, now, with his entire being focused on Spain's game against Finland on Friday.

Piqué: "Ganando la Champions, quizá hubiésemos convencido a Pep"

"No one talks about them, but I think it will be a complicated match. We went to Georgia and won in the 8th minute, so we have to be careful and know if we make a mistake againstFinland, or against France on Tuesday we have to be careful," explained the defender knowing the focus will be on the game against France. While many believe the win against the Norwegians is a given, a loss to France would still put Spain in the playoffs to qualify for the next World Cup."

Pique confesses in his interview with Terra Spain that, due to the location, he would love to play in the World Cup and Confederations Cup in Brazil next summer.

"The national team has never won (the Confederations), so that is our main goal," he assured. Meanwhile, he complained about the rule change that does not secure a spot in the 2014 Brazil World Cup for the defending champions.

When it comes to Barcelona, he recognized that he is "very excited" to see Tito Vilanova return to the locker room, though he explains the manager has been in contact with the team throughout, "even giving the team chats on video conference", believing the team has proven its greatness by not signing a substitute and denies that in his absence the players have changed.

He praises the front office for betting on a small roster, although he understands the team is paying for injuries to the likes of Puyol and Adriano have hurt the team. In that sense, he spoke of the top central defenders in Europe as possible reinforcements in the summer. Regarding his "special" relationship with Guardiola he was more forthcoming than usual.

"I always believed that perhaps if we had won the semifinals against Chelsea and then won the Champions league, we could have convinced him to stay another year, you never know," he explained.

Finally he spoke of Abidal's recovery, Messi, and for the first time, spoke of the investigation by Barcelona in 2010 where it was revealed detectives had spied on the players.

"To be honest, I could tell something was happening in 2010, so now that the news came out I was not that surprised, I knew it had happened. It was ugly, but its water under the bridge, now there are other people at the club. What awaits us in the next two months is great and we can't waist time on this," he concluded.

Finally, regarding the Champions League quarterfinal against PSG, Pique made it clear: "I would prefer if Zlatan played," he stressed among other things.




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