august 09, 2012 • 09:25 PM

Rooney wants van Persie at United

Arsenal captain Robin van Persie celebrates after the Barclays Premier League match between West Bromwich Albion and Arsenal at The Hawthorns on May 13, 2012 in West Bromwich, England.
Foto: Getty Images

According to the Daily Mail, Wayne Rooney wants Robin van Persie on his side to help Manchester United dethrone Manchester City in the Premier League.

"He's a player that I admire," Rooney said. "He’s a fantastic player, he's been amazing for Arsenal over many years. Last season was probably his best season of all, he scored a lot of goals. If he does come here he would be a great addition to the squad."

Rooney believes the pressure will be all on Man City as the club tries to repeat.

"I'm not sure we need any more motivation but to lose that way was difficult for us to take," he said of losing the title on the last kick of the season. "It's a good chance for us now to bounce back from that. This is our chance to show everyone we are a good team and we’re capable of winning the league this season. That's obviously our aim. It'll be a different situation for City, something they've never experienced before but we know all about it when you're trying to defend your trophy."

Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson admitted he has lodged a bid for van Persie with rival Arsenal.