Sao Paulo shows Tigre locker room with blood, destruction

13 Dec 2012
updated at 09h21
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Two blood marks on the wall, wood partitions ripped off the wall and a lot of destruction. This was the aspect of the v isiting locker room, used by the Tigre players, in Morumbi stadium. The locker room was the scene of the 'duel' between the Argentineans and the security team of Sao Paulo, which forced the second half of the final to not be played on Wednesday.

Upset at the condition of the locker room, local officials opened it up to the press at 1:30 a.m. T hat way it was possible to prove that various wooden divisions had been ripped off the wall to serve as weapons for the Argentineans who had refused to play the second half of the game s aying there was a lack of security and they had been threatened with guns.

"They generated the incidents then showed us revolvers. They are cowards, because man to man they couldn't handle it. That way, we're not play the second have. There are no guarantees. They took out weapons and threatened us," said the trainer Nestor Gorosito to Fox Sports in Argentina.

The Sao Paulo vice president, Carlos Augusto de Barros and Silva , better known as Leco, questioned the blood stains in the locker room.

"That can all be staged. What they say can't be proven, there is no way to blame Sao Paulo for things that came from their own actions and provocations. This is a sad moment. This is a team that doesn't honor the Argentinean tradition. It was a way for them to demerit our conquest," he signaled.

With the support of the Tigres directives, regardless, Gorosito ordered his players to not play the second half. A few minutes after hafltime, on Twitter, the team claimed it would not leave its locker room due to lack of security.

Violent play and a stoned bus

The incidents in Morumbi began before the ball even rolled. On Wednesday, the bus used by Tigres was pelted with stones outside the stadium. Minutes later, the team tried to warm up on the field and the Sao Paulo security did not allow them.

On Tuesday, Sao Paulo had already denied the visitors an opportunity to see the field, saying the field was in bad condition due to a recent Madonna concert. On the field the tension continued.

In one of the first plays of the game, Lucas has his back stepped on by the defender Orban. It was the same player who elbowed and hurt the player. The action resulted in a fight within the field.

Abandoned, desolate and with marks of blood, the visitor's locker room had one emblematic accesory: the Sao Paulo flag, left behind by the Argentineans.




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