The beauty and the ball

The beauty and the ball

The game of the year

There are a lot of great and exciting moments that soccer gives us, but few are lived with such unparalleled passion and attract the attention of millions of followers for 90 minutes. This weekend Barcelona will have the eyes of the world shining on it, as this magical city once against hosts the catalantes and merengues that unites the [...]

The fight for the World Cup continues

With ten guests already set for the World Cup we are a few matches away from knowing the rest of the teams participating in Brazil 2014.   In South America, the situation is critical and the fight has heated up between four teams still fighting to join Argentina; they will define their fate in the [...]

A mismatched Clasico

The date marked in the Mexican soccer calendar is almost here. In only hours, the country will be paralyzed with a historic, emotional match that attracts attention from fans worldwide.  America and Chivas will meet in another edition of the National Clasico that seems more uneven than ever, due to the present moment lived by [...]

The derby steals the spotlight

There are few matches around the world that can awaken passion quite like Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid meeting in the Spanish league. The teams come with hopes, paralyzing the whole city that awaits the historic duel which this year has generated great expectations. Santiago Bernabeu will be witness to a new battle on the [...]

The Champions League returns

Four years ago we enjoyed a Final like few others. The Champions League saw Bayern Munich crowned champion on May 25 in the mythical Wembley stadium, ending a dream season for the ‘big’ European clubs. Every final marks a beginning and that is why this week the emotions again reached their limit: passion and a [...]

Ines Sainz Ines Sainz

Ines Sainz

Ines Sainz is one of the most popular sports journalists in Latin America. She has covered major events worldwide.
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