The beauty and the ball

The beauty and the ball

Chicharito rides the crest of the wave


“Chicharito” indisputably arrived in Europe to stay. With his arrival at Manchester United, he has put the name of Mexico at great heights in the old continent, and not just for the results he’s brought on the pitch, also for the excellent quality of person he is and the good energy he transmits wherever he goes. Sir Alex Ferguson has nothing but praise for the Mexican.

It’s been a little more than two years since Javier developed his natural talent for soccer, eclipsing his peers and opponents since he was in Chivas, which allowed him to make the great jump to Europe.

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The great darling of Mexican fans has passed his most difficult test in England; he has withstood the crisis as a product of his athletic level and the competence of his team.

Remember that when quality players were added like Robin van Persie, the starting position among forwards has been in rotation, which made a player have to be decisive and forceful in limited opportunities, something that did not happen at the beginning of the season with Hernandez, who had struggled with a shortage of goals.

After passing this great test, “Chicharito” has demonstrated maturity, resilience and strength as a professional soccer player. And, after a complicated moment in which he had to overcome injuries, illness and lack of goals, few knew how he would react to the unfavorable situation.

Hernandez made it clear that for him there is no challenge he cannot meet and even though more obstacles loomed, he was able to break through all the barriers that were put in his path and demonstrate that talent is not only on the pitch, but is also in character and overcoming what challenges life presents.

It seems that the turmoil is behind and “Chicharito” is having a memorable run: With a superb harvest of goals in recent matches, where luck was not the only thing needed, but also to know where to be on the pitch in critical moments.

Today, Javier is back on the crest of the wave and his recent performance has earned him recognition throughout Europe and at his club, where he is the second-best goal-scorer off the bench, only behind the legendary Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

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