The beauty and the ball

The beauty and the ball

Farewell . . . Miguel


With a heavy heart and great sadness we say good-bye to a great goaltender, an excellent soccer player who came to enlarge our soccer, but above all, a unique human being.

Today I am part of the chain of prayers for Miguel Calero, one of the best goalkeepers in recent years and who unfortunately lost the most important battle of his life. With Miguel I will always remember his contagious smile, with his human quality.

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He was always willing to give everything, and he never said no to anything and never gave up. I had the enormous privilege, as a representative of the media, to take close part in his triumphs and also his losses, and for over a decade to accompany him on his professional accomplishments.

Fate has finally caught up with the flight of the “Condor”, but it did not clip his wings, because from now on Calero will fly high and from that privileged place he awaits all of us who remain here.

His leadership, his desire to break down records and remove any obstacles that were in front of him made him an invincible warrior beneath the three posts.

Pachuca was his pride, and the house that opened the doors in a country where he gave his all and now is recognized more as a Mexican.

His four Liga titles and six more on the international plane made him a landmark in the Bella Airosa; his saves; risky chances that in many moments he had the nerve to make; his goals; his celebrations; his mettle and character are his greatest legacy, which has served and will continue to serve as a model to follow for those who seek the greatness he had in his hands on repeated occasions.

I am sure that he went happy, full and satisfied with what life gave him, but for now his memory wil be the sustenance for those who want to follow in his footsteps.

Deserved honors come, countless awards that will not be enough to extol the greatness of a player with a Colombian soul and Mexican heart.

The news certainly shocked all of us in the media, but I believe fervently that deep down in our being we should be happy for the opportunity to see him and enjoy his unique personality.

At the same time I take the opportunity in this space to express my deepest condolences to the Calero family, to his wife and children, his mother and brothers and all of the family that form the Pachuca group, the fans and all those who saw him and shared many, many moments with him.

This isn’t a good-bye, Miguel … it’s a we’ll see you soon, for in our hearts your chapters of glory will live forever. Rest in peace, Miguel Calero.

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Ines Sainz Ines Sainz

Ines Sainz

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