The beauty and the ball

The beauty and the ball

88 goals and counting…


Ladies and gentlemen I present you Lionel Messi, the soccer player whose talent has managed to shatter records for most goals in one year which had stood for four decades by German legend Gerd Muller, who held the previous record with 85 goals.

There is no doubt we live in a golden age in which young and old who love soccer have witnessed the birth and growth of a real crack, a player who has gone from being promising to a sacred idol, who has made it clear with his natural-born talent, but also as he develops and perfects his craft day after day, with passion and a lot of momentum.

Eighty-eight goals and counting … And the ones that will be coming! So much joy, so many moments, much natural-born talent with his feet and which today has “The Flea” not only as a symbol of Barcelona, but as a one of a kind who has imposed many records and has surpassed great legends whose records set years ago looked insurmountable.

Messi, along with Cesc Fabregas, are the only players to score in La Liga, Copa and Champions League in the actual season and he is the first to score an astounding 13 “braces” in the same campaign … Impressive, right?

I think that we are in an epic moment, the kinds that we had not enjoyed since the age of Pelé, Maradona or even Hugo Sánchez in the case of México.

I’ve said it on repeated occasions; it’s a real pleasure to watch Messi play, “flirting” with the ball and becoming the owner and the master of the field. It seems as if the ball has a special connection with his feet, as if it is a magnet which follows him step-by-step and it doesn’t leave until the moment he is ready to score.

Pure magic is what the Argentine has poured no matter the rival –he made that clear against Cordoba in the Copa – Messi doesn’t lose his goal, does not diminish, doesn’t relax, he always fights as if it was the last match of his life, something we all thank him.

We’re facing an unprecedented event in the history of world soccer that I’m sure we’ll continue to talk about more and more in the coming years, as Messi’s goals continue and do not stop, that’s something we can guarantee, so for now let the talent of this “great” continue wowing us.

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Ines Sainz Ines Sainz

Ines Sainz

Ines Sainz is one of the most popular sports journalists in Latin America. She has covered major events worldwide.
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