Vilanova: We have a team that can win it all this year

18 Aug 2012
updated at 16h13
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Tito Vilanova knows how he feels about his debut with Barcelona: "Calm, even if it irks some."

"I have seen how my players worked during the preseason," added Vilanova as the team prepares its debut on Sunday, in Camp Nou, against Real Sociedad.

First off, Vilanova will have something that Pep Guardiola was hard-pressed to find all of last season: a team at full strength . There is only one first-team player still recovering from injury: Thiago Silva.

"They have returned well from international play. They are looking really well," confessed Vilanova. "Yesterday Alexis Sanchez was the last one to rejoin the squad after playing with the national team.

The Spanish manager doesn't lack ambition as he embarks on his first season with the Catalan club: "Before beginning I plan to win everything. I think we have the team for it, although I want the people to be happy with how the team behaves on and off the field."

He remebered that these past years, there had always been trouble at the beginning of the season, an unforseen hiccup.

"Sometimes, the big teams have a hard time taking off, other people have a good pre season and return strong the second half. For us, everything is going well," he warned.

Despite his candor during the interview, Vilanova did not want to talk about Arsenal's Alex Song , who is expected to join Barcelona in the comming weeks, though he admitted the team will be eager to give some minutes to David Villa so he can get some rhythm.

"Barcelona needs to have a manager that can assume all the risks. We have been winning a lot, because we have a great team that allows us to fight for everything. The important thing is to continue that line of play. People expect continuity in our style of play and how we behave on and off the field."




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