october 14, 2012 • 09:53 AM • last update 11:42 AM

Xavi: Mourinho's soccer 'will not last in history'

Xavi Hernandez had some strong words for Jose Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo in an interview with Catalan Radio.
Foto: Getty Images

Xavi Hernandez gave a juicy interview to Catalan Radio in which he talked about Barcelona and the club's rivalry with Real Madrid.

Of Real coach Jose Mourinho, Xavi said, "He does not fit in the Barca game. I love him because he has been here three years, but his soccer is not what we want. Theirs is more speculation, they do the opposite, and for that it's my opinion that it won't last in history."

Xavi also spoke highly of new coach Tito Vilanova, saying, "Between Pep (Guardiola) and Tito there are few differences, in questions of tactics they are both the same. Guardiola was closer during training, and Vilanova is more distant, but he he is able to relate in his way. Tito has surprised me because he's very prepared, with clear ideas and the philosophy of Barca intact."

He added he owed a great deal to Guardiola: "Without detracting from Tito, we miss Pep. For me he was a reference as a player and coach. He helped me with my soccer movement and he was a leader in the locker room, and also he gave strong leadership."

Of Lionel Messi he said, "In the Barca locker room Messi is not in charge, he is one of the quietest people. He's an extraordinary person. He's No. 1. For me he's the best player in history and has surpassed all the others. He scores goals and looks out for the team. He's a reference, there is no color. He's the best by a large margin, and his game is much more transcendant than that of Cristiano (Ronaldo)."