august 17, 2012 • 11:57 AM

Tom Brady poses with dog, dons collar in new magazine spread

Tom Brady showed off his style and "Alpha Dog" qualities in the new shoot.
Foto: NESN

VMAN magazine makes no bones about its view on Tom Brady, declaring the Patriots quarterback "America's Alpha Dog" in its upcoming issue.

Fortunately, with that title also comes the opportunity to see Brady in another unique (probably the best word to describe it) photoshoot. There's yelling, there's biting, and there's a dog collar involved.

Sorry ladies, before you get ahead of yourselves, keep in mind that Brady is dressed to the nines in this issue. Everything mentioned is completely true, though, as the New England superstar appears in numerous photos alongside a Doberman, even trying on the dog's accessory. O

ne photo has the dog biting Brady's right arm, which has been his bread and butter throughout his illustrious career. One would assume there's some Photoshopping involved in that photo, though.

Brady has done plenty of modeling gigs over the years, and he's no stranger to working animals into the rotation. In this particular magazine, which targets men, he opens up about his family life and his post-playing plans.

Perhaps we can now expect a few more pooch punts from Brady this season.

Check out all the pictures here.

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