Top 10: The most memorable Super Bowl commercials (video)

The commercials are a fundamental part of the Super Bowl party. Here we bring you the most memorable in history, from the ridiculous to the profound.

27 Jan 2014
updated at 15h52
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VW - ‘The Force’

This adorable commercial showed the strength of children's imagination, while promoting the great features of the car. It was broadcast during Super Bowl XLV.

Apple - '1984'

The Apple "1984" commercial introduced the world to the first personal Macintosh computer. The commercial is a landmark in American advertising history.

Anuncios memorables del Super Bowl: Apple hace historia

Honda - 'Matthew's Day Off'

During Super Bowl XLVI, actor Mathew Broderick reprised his most famous role — Ferris Bueller — for this enjoyable commercial.

Anuncios memorables del Super Bowl: Vuelve Ferris Bueller

Snickers - 'You're Not You'

Legendary comedic actress Betty White revived her career with this playful commercial in 2010. It became a fan favorite during Super Bowl XLIV.

Anuncios memorables del Super Bowl: Betty White para Snickers

SoBe Water - 'Thrillicious'

Surely the company's marketing chief announced one day, "If Geico can have a 'Gecko' surely we can have 20 lizards on TV. And make them dance! With a supermodel! To Michael Jackson's Thriller! Why not?!" This was the bizarre result.

Anuncios memorables del Super Bowl: Thrillicious

GoDaddy.com – ‘Baseball’

Driver Danicka Patrick was a huge hit as the GoDaddy spokesperson. This has been one of the most controversial ads from the internet company.

Anuncios memorables del Super Bowl: Danica Patrick y GoDaddy

Kim K. para Skechers

Kim Kardashian was the star of this Skechers commercial during Super Bowl XLV. The ad allegedly shows the physical benefits of using the athletic shoe. The next year, the company replaced Kardashian with a bulldog for its Super Bowl commercial.

Anuncios memorables del Super Bowl: Kim Kardashian para Skechers

Coca-Cola - ‘Hey Kid, Catch!’

Anuncios memorables del Super Bowl: Un clásico

In one of the most iconic Super Bowl commercials, NFL player 'Mean Joe' Green showed his tender side when offering a kid a Coca Cola during the 1979 ad that aired during Super Bowl XIV.

Cindy Crawford para Pepsi

Anuncios memorables del Super Bowl: Cindy Crawford para Pepsi

A visit from supermodel Cindy Crawford becomes an unforgettable experience for these boys. The commercial aired during Super Bowl XXVI.

Budweiser - 'Brotherhood'

Beer companies always tends to surround their ads with party scenes. Budweiser decided to change things up, linking its product to fidelity and friendship with an unforgettable result.

Anuncios memorables del Super Bowl: 'Brotherhood'




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