Vikings' Chris Kluwe ignites gay marriage debate in NFL

8 Sep 2012
updated at 18h14
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Surprisngly the biggest news surrounding the NFL has nothing to do with the week one matchups and the first "Football Sunday' of the season. It has to do with a letter penned against Maryland  delegate Emmett C. Burns Jr.

Chris Kluwe is one of the most outspoken players in the NFL.
Chris Kluwe is one of the most outspoken players in the NFL.
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Burns Jr. had written a letter himself, to the Baltimore Ravens, asking the team to reprimand linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo for his support of gay marriage asking that they "inhibit such expressions from your employees."

The news elicited a twitter rant f rom Minnesota VIkings punter Chris Kluwe and eventually the infamous letter written towards the politician.

The letter first attacks Burns belief that the government, or organization, should be able to limit someone's freedom of speech by hoping to bar Ravens players from talkin gabout such "unsavory things."

"Not only are you clearly violating the First Amendment, you also come across as a narcissistic fromunda stain," wrote the player. "What on earth would possess you to be so mind-boggingly stupid? It baffles me that a man such as yourself, a man who relies on that same First Amendment to pursue your own religious studies without fear of persecution from the state, could somehow justify stifling another person's right to speech."

It was his attack on the politicians position on gay marriage that has truly made the letter go viral, as he tries to explain to Burns how gay marriage could not possibly be a threat to his lifestyle.

"How does gay marriage, in any way shape or form, affect your life? If gay marriage becomes legal, are you worried that all of a sudden you'll start thinking about penis?"

Kluwe continued with an expletive-filled rant that has ignited the theme of homophobia in sports as well as the role of politics in sports.

Due to the huge response to the letter, the Baltimore Ravens and the NFL Players Association announced that they would support of Ayanbadejo and his beliefs.

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